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zerstörte und verbrannte Häuser in der Stadt während des Krieges in der Ukraine

We are look­ing for impact star­tups that are doing cli­mate action, mak­ing our democ­ra­cies more resi­lent, or devel­op­ing solu­tions for dis­placed peo­ple.

The appli­ca­tion peri­od is open until Octo­ber 8.

Apply for our 5‑month incu­ba­tor & accel­er­a­tor pro­gram in less than 3 min­utes

Our Mis­sion:
Empow­er­ing impact star­tups in cre­at­ing solu­tions for a world of crises

We sup­port impact star­tups in tack­ling the world’s most press­ing crises through our incu­ba­tor and accel­er­a­tor pro­grams.

The world is full of cri­sis

The war in Ukraine, the cli­mate cri­sis, the loss of bio­di­ver­si­ty and mass extinc­tion, the cri­sis of democ­ra­cy…

Trans­form­ing our econ­o­my
from cause to solu­tion

Our eco­nom­ic sys­tem should be trans­formed from caus­ing to solv­ing many of these crises. We don’t need short-term prof­it max­imi­sa­tion at the expense of peo­ple and envi­ron­ment.
We need sus­tain­able busi­ness mod­els that serve soci­ety in the long term and ensure our sur­vival.

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Sys­tem change with impact star­tups

Impact star­tups plays a key role in address­ing the var­i­ous, con­stant­ly chan­ging cri­ses and chal­len­ges we face in socie­ty. They address­es one or more UN Sus­tain­able Devel­op­ment Goal (SDGs) at the core of its busi­ness. This means: if you remove the impact you also remove the busi­ness.

Mind­set Shift:
Impact becomes the new nor­mal

What if every founder would devel­op new busi­ness mod­els and approa­ches to make our world more liva­ble and sus­tain­able? All new star­tups would be impact star­tups! Their suc­cess could moti­vate estab­lished com­pa­nies to change their busi­ness mod­els and prac­tices.

Do you have an idea for a solu­tion?

For solu­ti­ons to long-term cri­ses with­in the 17 Sus­tainab­le Devel­op­ment Goals (SDGs)?

Or quick solu­ti­ons to acu­te cri­ses such as the 2015/2016 refu­gee cri­sis, the COVID-19 cri­sis, and the cur­rent war against Ukrai­ne?

We can help you with our accel­er­a­tor pro­gram

In our accel­er­a­tor pro­gram, we will guide you for 5 months to turn your idea into real­i­ty.
We offer you access to fund­ing, coach­ing from expe­ri­enced men­tors, access to our net­work. We will work side by side at bUm. A co-work­ing space for social entre­pre­neurs, non­prof­it orga­ni­za­tions and activists.

It’s a match?

We sup­port star­tups in all sta­ges. Do you have an almost finis­hed pro­to­ty­pe that you can test or an exis­ting start­up that you want to bring to a new lev­el? Your team con­sists of at least two foun­ders. Non-pro­­fit as well as for-pro­­fit organiz­a­ti­ons can apply.

Fight­ing Cli­mate Change

Mak­ing our Democ­ra­cies More Resilient

Sup­port­ing Dis­placed Peo­ple

Our cur­rent pro­gram: Ukraine response

We are look­ing for inno­v­a­tive approach­es as one solu­tion to address the effects of the war against Ukraine. Russia’s attack on Ukrai­ne in Febru­a­ry 2022 and the acts of vio­lence have chan­ged the world. The vio­lence has upen­ded the lives of mil­li­ons of Ukraini­ans. There­fore the issu­es ran­ge from refu­gee cri­sis, recon­struc­tion, food inse­cu­ri­ty and ener­gy sup­ply to health and legal issu­es and among oth­ers. We are open to many top­ics as long as they crea­te impact.

Ukraine Response Pro­gram #2


Our team

We are a diverse and inter­dis­ci­pli­nary team of impact-ori­ent­ed pro­fes­sion­als with many years of start­up expe­ri­ence.
We are well con­nect­ed in the impact com­mu­ni­ty. Let’s con­nect!

Jacob Künz­er

Pro­gram sup­port Read more

Net­sai Ndaza

Pro­gramm Man­ag­er Read more

Lisa Götz

Pro­gram Sup­port Read more
Jonas Wegener

Jonas Wegen­er

Com­mu­ni­ca­tion Strate­gist Read more

Sebas­t­ian Neu­mann

(he / him)
Head of Phi­neo Star­tups Read more

Fran­ka Ismer

(she / her)
Senior Pro­gram Man­ag­er Read more

Viviana Köhrbrück

Pro­gram Man­ag­er Read more

Ask us any­thing

Do you have any ques­tions?
We can chat here.

If you encoun­ter any tech­ni­cal or oth­er difficul­ties while sub­mit­ting your online appli­ca­ti­on, plea­se feel free to reach out to us.

Need a 1:1 call?

Want feed­back on your doc­u­ments before you apply? Lets make an appoint­ment for a video call as soon as pos­si­ble. Someo­ne from the PHINEO Star­tups team will give feed­back on your pitch deck. After that, you have until the end of the sub­mis­si­on peri­od to integra­te our feed­back into your appli­ca­tion.

You need to accept func­tion­al cook­ies to use the sched­ul­ing fea­ture.

Our par­tic­i­pants

Con­nect with our cur­rent par­tic­i­pants.

Alex Kovbasko

Accel­er­a­tor Devel­op­er at Myko­laiv Water Hub Read more

Yuli­ia Malet­s­ka

Prod­uct Man­ag­er, Lets­Da­ta Read more

Petra H. Holthusen

Senior Project Man­ag­er, Be an Angel e.V. Read more

Lea Jacob­sen

Project Admin­is­tra­tor, Be an Angel e.V. Read more

Kse­nia Iliuk

COO & Co-Founder, Lets­Da­ta Read more

Andriy Kusyy

CEO & Co-founder at Lets­Da­ta Read more

Kim Welti

Co-Founder of Re:build Ukraine Read more

Daniel Donath

Co-founder of Ukrain­ian House Berlin Read more

Bog­dan Mif­takhov

Co-founder of Ukrain­ian House Berlin Read more

Tetiana Poudel

Co-founder & Man­ag­ing direc­tor at ViL­Ni Read more

Genya Moore

Co-founder of Re:Life Ukraine Read more

Vik­to­ria Fialko

Co-founder of Treep­ilya Read more

Anas­tasi­ia Aizen­sh­tat

Founder and CEO at CACR Read more

Hamed Beheshti

Co-Founder and CEO at Bore­al Light Read more

Anna She­p­e­lenko

Chief Out­reach Offi­cer at Bore­al Light Read more

Alex Kuvalli­ni

CEO at Hand­stree Read more

Han­na Slo­bodyanyuk-Mon­tavon

CEO at Myko­laiv Water Hub Read more

Meri Khaz­aradze

(she / her)
Co-Founder at Read more

Kseni­ia Teslenko

(she / her)
Co-Founder at Read more

Our alum­ni

Con­nect with our for­mer par­tic­i­pants.

Ana Lichtwer

Co-founder at GUTE­mis­sion Read more

Ole­na Vorozheik­i­na

Founder at Bake for Ukraine Read more

Anna Believant­se­va

Esper Bion­ics Read more

Maria Kalen­s­ka

CEO at Bake for Ukraine Read more

Alex Kuvalli­ni

CEO at Hand­stree Read more

Yuli­ia Kar­nas

Man­ag­ing Direc­tor at OneUkraine Read more

Han­na Kolesnichenko

Oper­a­tions Man­ag­er at OneUkraine Read more

Qian Qin

Co-founder at We do Solar Read more

Karoli­na Attspo­d­i­na

CEO at We Do Solar Read more

Niki­ta Over­chyk

Founder at UAtal­ents Read more

Alexan­dr Zubchenko

Mobile Appli­ca­tion Devel­op­er at Podiya (Vol­un­teer) Read more

Valeri­ia Biloshyt­s­ka

Lead Project Coor­di­na­tor at Podiya (Vol­un­teer) Read more

Mary­na Soro­ka

Co-founder at GUTE­mis­sion Read more

Natali­ia Kovalenko

Co-founder at GUTE­mis­sion Read more

Alex Biloshyt­s­ki

Co-Founder at Podiya Read more

Our star­tups

These star­tups par­tic­i­pat­ed in our accel­er­a­tor pro­gram:


Andriy Kusyy

Devel­op­ing an ear­ly-warn­ing AI sys­tem to help orga­ni­za­tions under­stand and respond to the spread of dis­in­for­ma­tion and ill-intend­ed infor­ma­tion cam­paigns
Read more

Re:Build Ukraine — Men­tor & Pro­tegee Pro­gram

Kim Welti, Lea Jacob­sen, Petra Holthusen

Equip­ping Ukrain­ian moth­ers with tai­lored skills and guid­ance to devel­op entre­pre­neur­ial ideas and busi­ness con­cepts
Read more

Volyn­s­ka Gaze­ta (ViL­Ni Project)

Tetiana Poudel, Olha Danyliuk

Pro­mot­ing free speech and shar­ing sto­ries of Ukraini­ans by trans­form­ing a tra­di­tion­al news­pa­per into an inde­pen­dent dig­i­tal media plat­form
Read more

Ukrain­ian House Berlin

Bog­dan Mif­takhov, Daniel Donath

Fos­ter­ing inter­cul­tur­al dia­logue and col­lab­o­ra­tion by pro­vid­ing a space for Ukraini­ans and Ger­mans to engage and inter­act
Read more


Vik­to­ria Fialko, Natalya Ulyano­va, Tatyana Ulyano­va

Restor­ing, build­ing-up and improv­ing Ukrain­ian forests to sus­tain a healthy envi­ron­ment and accel­er­ate the net-zero future
Read more

Cen­tre for Alter­na­tive Con­flict Res­o­lu­tion

Anas­tasi­ia Aizen­sh­tat, Maksym Zinchenko

Har­ness­ing the poten­tial of AI/ML to dri­ve for­ward effec­tive and long-last­ing solu­tions to glob­al con­flicts
Read more

Re:Life Ukraine

Genya Moore, Myrosla­va Pereval­s­ka

Plat­form that builds the bridge between Ukrain­ian & inter­na­tion­al stu­dents and alum­ni to cre­ate ideas and find solu­tions for recon­struc­tion needs
Read more

Bore­al Light

Dr Hamed Beheshti, Ali Al-Hakim

Installing short-term (off-grid) solar-hybrid water treat­ment sys­tems to solve the prob­lem with drink­ing water in Myko­laiv
Read more


Ivan Kychatyi & Niki­ta Over­chyk

UATal­ents match­es employ­ers with dis­placed Ukrain­ian tal­ent.
Read more


Alex Kuvalli­ni

Hand­stree builts an online-com­mu­ni­ty to unite phil­an­thropists and grow social projects in Ukraine with focus on long-term sup­port and fraud pro­tec­tion.
Read more

Bake for Ukraine

Maria Kalen­s­ka & Ole­na Vorozheik­i­na

Secur­ing the food sup­ply in Ukraine and rein­te­grat­ing vet­er­ans through bak­ing bread and edu­cat­ing about Ukrain­ian bread cul­ture
Read more

Myko­laiv Water Hub

Han­na Slo­bodyanyuk-Mon­tavon

Myko­layiv Water Hub builds an Incu­ba­tor for inno­v­a­tive star­tups in all water relat­ed indus­tries and a Think tank for water-relat­ed research.
Read more


Natali­ia Kovalenko, Mary­na Soro­ka, Ele­na Kor­chag­i­na, Ana Lichtwer & Natali­ia Egoro­va

GUTE­mis­sion inte­grates refugees in Ger­many and sup­ports dis­placed peo­ple from Ukraine in their arrival with an inter­cul­tur­al and inte­gra­tive approach at their CaféUkraine events.
Read more


Alex Biloshyt­sk, Valeri­ia Biloshyt­s­ka, Alexan­dr Zubchenko & Natali­ia Sere­da

One-stop-shop plat­form for migrants who needs to be inte­grat­ed into a new soci­ety!
Read more

Tysha (OneUkraine)

Han­na Kolesnichenko & Yuli­ia Kar­nas

Tysha helps women pass through hard times by orga­niz­ing psy­cho­log­i­cal sup­port groups
Read more

We Do Solar

Karoli­na Attspo­d­i­na & Qian Qin

We Do Solar brings solar pow­er to your bal­cony and makes ener­gy pro­duc­tion acces­si­ble for every­one.
Read more

Esper Bion­ics

Anna Believant­se­va & Dmytro Gaz­da

ESPER is build­ing a robot­ic hand and ecosys­tem to upgrade the pros­thet­ic indus­try
Read more

Kseni­ia Teslenko & Meri Khaz­aradze is devel­op­ing a con­ver­sa­tion­al AI chat­bot for ini­tial men­tal health sup­port and to bridge time until pro­fes­sion­al treat­ments start.
Read more

In the press

Esper Bion­ics, is includ­ed in TIME magazine’s list of the best inven­tions of 2022. The self-learn­ing pros­thet­ic hand pow­ered by arti­fi­cial intel­li­gence (AI) was named a ground­break­ing inven­tion in the acces­si­bil­i­ty cat­e­go­ry and will appear on the magazine’s cov­er.

Our Part­ners

PHINEO Star­tups wird im Rah­men des Pro­gramms „REACT with impact – Förderung des Sozialun­ternehmer­tums“ des Bun­desmin­is­teri­ums für Wirtschaft und Kli­maschutz unter­stützt und von der Europäis­chen Union als Teil der Reak­tion der Union auf die COVID-19-Pan­demie (REACT-EU) finanziert.

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