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zerstörte und verbrannte Häuser in der Stadt während des Krieges in der Ukraine

we can face
the crisis

Our Mission:
Empowering impact startups in creating solutions for a world of crises

We support impact startups in tackling the world’s most pressing crises through our incubator and accelerator programs.

The world is full of crisis

The war in Ukraine, the climate crisis, the loss of biodiversity and mass extinction, the crisis of democracy…

Transforming our economy
from cause to solution

Our economic system should be transformed from causing to solving many of these crises. We don’t need short-term profit maximisation at the expense of people and environment.
We need sustainable business models that serve society in the long term and ensure our survival.

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System change with impact startups

Impact star­tups plays a key role in addressing the various, constantly chan­ging cri­ses and chal­len­ges we face in socie­ty. They addresses one or more UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDGs) at the core of its business. This means: if you remove the impact you also remove the business.

Look at the numbers:

Climeworks’ largest carbon dioxide removal facility has an annual capture capacity of


per year.

Since 2017 SIRPLUS saved more than

of food

from landfills.

We need more impact startups!

Mindset Shift:
Impact becomes the new normal

What if every founder would develop new busi­ness models and approa­ches to make our world more liva­ble and sustainable? All new startups would be impact startups! Their success could motivate established companies to change their business models and practices.

Do you have an idea for a solution?

For solu­ti­ons to long-term cri­ses within the 17 Sus­tainab­le Development Goals (SDGs)?

Or quick solu­ti­ons to acu­te cri­ses such as the 2015/2016 refu­gee cri­sis, the COVID-19 cri­sis, and the cur­rent war against Ukrai­ne?

We can help you with our accelerator program

In our accelerator program, we will guide you for 6 months to turn your idea into reality.
We offer you access to funding, coaching from experienced mentors, access to our network. We will work side by side at bUm. A co-working space for social entrepreneurs, nonprofit organizations and activists.

It’s a match?

We support star­tups in all sta­ges. Do you have an almost finis­hed pro­to­ty­pe that you can test or an exis­ting start­up that you want to bring to a new level?
Your team con­sists of at least two foun­ders. You are based in Ber­lin, as the­re is whe­re the pro­gram takes place. Non-pro­fit as well as for-pro­fit organiz­a­ti­ons can apply.

Our current focus: Ukraine response

We are looking for innovative approaches as one solution to address the effects of the war against Ukraine. Russia’s attack on Ukrai­ne in Febru­a­ry 2022 and the acts of violence have chan­ged the world. The violence has upen­ded the lives of mil­li­ons of Ukrainians. Therefore the issu­es ran­ge from refu­gee cri­sis, recon­struc­tion, food inse­cu­ri­ty and ener­gy sup­ply to health and legal issu­es and among others. We are open to many topics as long as they crea­te impact.

Ukraine Response Program #2


Our team

We are a diverse and interdisciplinary team of impact-oriented professionals with many years of startup experience.
We are well connected in the impact community. Let’s connect!

Lisa Götz

Program Support Read more

Natalie Frey

Program Support Read more
Jonas Wegener

Jonas Wegener

Communication Strategist Read more

Sebastian Neumann

(he / him)
Head of Phineo Startups Read more

Franka Ismer

(she / her)
Senior Program Manager Read more

Viviana Köhrbrück

Program Manager Read more

Phineo has 10 years experience
with impact investing

PHINEO is one of the pioneers of impact inves­ting, measurement and management in Ger­ma­ny. We com­bi­ne impact and financial know-how in one team. The­re­fo­re, we can help you finan­ce your pro­ject and pro­vi­de access to a net­work of impact inves­tors. In additi­on, we sup­port you with our com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on to our broad network of dif­fe­rent sec­tor part­ners and one of the largest Impact Inves­ting and Social Entrepre­neurs­hip networks in Germany.


A dedicated PHINEO Startups coach guides impact founders through the incubator program and designs it together with them.


A dedicated and experienced mentor supports and advises each impact startup team individually throughout the incubator program – in addition, topic-specific mentors can be consulted.

Your mentors and experts

Here you can connect with a selection of our mentors and experts.

Sébas­tien Martin

Founder and Managing Partner at Impact Associates Read more

Philipp Schmidt

Managing Owner at C4CS Europe – Center for Corporate Sustainability Read more

Maike Striffler

Co-Founder & Social Enterprise Lead at Social Innovation Academy Global Read more

Igor Elbert

Principal at Common Sensor Read more

André Nikolski

Strategic Projects at Humboldt-Innovation, Startup Coach & Startup Consultant Read more

Julia Majer

Innovation Consultant & Program Manager at SAP.iO Read more

Laura Kohler

Startup Ecosystem & Corporate Innovation expert Read more

Lyudmyla Kovalenko

CEO and Co-Founder at Doctor Kimchi Read more

Sophie Dienberg

Founder of inKlub Read more

Dr. Thomas Gnefkow

Business angel, founder and private lecturer Read more

Carolin Kröger

Co-founder at and consultant Read more

Nora Azzaoui

Partner at Kobold I Purpose Design & Innovation and co-founder of mimycri Read more

Peter Brock

Entrepreneur and impact investor Read more


The­re will be a wee­kly trai­ning offer with work­shops aimed at addres­sing your needs and gaps and inten­ded to sup­port the accelera­ti­on of your development.


You get a seat at bUm. A place to work, meet, learn and improve the world together. It’s a community space for inspiring encounters between social entrepreneurs and homeless people, politics and the neighborhood, socially committed companies and activists, non-profit organizations and volunteers.

Co-Working at bUm,

bUm community space


Diverse types of events are offered as part of the incubator program, e.g., community events, pitch events, networking opportunities & a final event.

Final Event: Ukraine Response Program cohort #1

Next events

  • Kick-Off Ukraine Response Program cohort #2 on 5th of June
  • Pitch Event Ukraine Response Program cohort #2 on 28th of June
  • Pitch Event Ukraine Response Program cohort #2 on 26th of July
  • Pitch Event Ukraine Response Program cohort #2 on 30th of August
  • Pitch Event Ukraine Response Program cohort #2 on 25th of September
  • Pitch Event Ukraine Response Program cohort #2 17th of October
  • Final Event Ukraine Response Program cohort #2 on 28th of November

Peer-to-Peer Coaching and Community Building

PHINEO Startups encourages and facilitates learning and community-building opportunities among founders.


PHINEO Startups provides access to different sector partners and one of the largest impact investing and social entrepreneurship networks in Germany.

Ask us anything

Do you have any questions?
We can chat here.

If you encoun­ter any tech­ni­cal or other difficul­ties while sub­mit­ting your online appli­ca­ti­on, plea­se feel free to reach out to us.

Need a 1:1 call?

Want feedback on your documents before you apply? Lets make an appointment for a video call as soon as possible. Someo­ne from the PHINEO Star­tups team will give feedback on your pitch deck. After that, you have until the end of the sub­mis­si­on peri­od to integra­te our feed­back into your application.

Our alumni

Connect with our former participants.

Ana Lichtwer

Co-founder at GUTEmission Read more

Yuliia Karnas

Managing Director at OneUkraine Read more

Hanna Kolesnichenko

Operations Manager at OneUkraine Read more

Qian Qin

Co-founder at We do Solar Read more

Karolina Attspodina

CEO at We Do Solar Read more

Nikita Overchyk

Founder at UAtalents Read more

Alexandr Zubchenko

Mobile Application Developer at Podiya (Volunteer) Read more

Valeriia Biloshytska

Lead Project Coordinator at Podiya (Volunteer) Read more

Maryna Soroka

Co-founder at GUTEmission Read more

Nataliia Kovalenko

Co-founder at GUTEmission Read more

Alex Biloshytski

Co-Founder at Podiya Read more

Our startups

These startups participated in our accelerator program:


Andriy Kusyy

Developing an early-warning AI system to help organizations understand and respond to the spread of disinformation and ill-intended information campaigns
Read more

Re:Build Ukraine – Mentor & Protegee Program

Kim Welti, Lea Jacobsen, Petra Holthusen

Equipping Ukrainian mothers with tailored skills and guidance to develop entrepreneurial ideas and business concepts
Read more


Tetiana Poudel, Olha Danyliuk

Promoting free speech and sharing stories of Ukrainians by transforming a traditional newspaper into an independent digital media platform
Read more

Ukrainian House Berlin

Bogdan Miftakhov, Daniel Donath

Fostering intercultural dialogue and collaboration by providing a space for Ukrainians and Germans to engage and interact
Read more


Viktoria Fialko, Natalya Ulyanova, Tatyana Ulyanova

Restoring, building-up and improving Ukrainian forests to sustain a healthy environment and accelerate the net-zero future
Read more

Centre for Alternative Conflict Resolution

Anastasiia Aizenshtat, Maksym Zinchenko

Harnessing the potential of AI/ML to drive forward effective and long-lasting solutions to global conflicts
Read more

Re:Life Ukraine

Genya Moore, Myroslava Perevalska

Platform that builds the bridge between Ukrainian & international students and alumni to create ideas and find solutions for reconstruction needs
Read more

Boreal Light

Dr Hamed Beheshti, Ali Al-Hakim

Installing short-term (off-grid) solar-hybrid water treatment systems to solve the problem with drinking water in Mykolaiv
Read more


Ivan Kychatyi & Nikita Overchyk

UATalents matches employers with displaced Ukrainian talent.
Read more


Alex Kuvallini

Handstree builts an online-community to unite philanthropists and grow social projects in Ukraine with focus on long-term support and fraud protection.
Read more

Bake for Ukraine

Maria Kalenska & Olena Vorozheikina

Securing the food supply in Ukraine and reintegrating veterans through baking bread and educating about Ukrainian bread culture
Read more

Mykolayiv Water Hub

Hanna Slobodyanyuk-Montavon & Maryna Hovorukhina

Mykolayiv Water Hub builds an Incubator for innovative startups in all water related industries and a Think tank for water-related research.
Read more


Nataliia Kovalenko, Maryna Soroka, Elena Korchagina, Ana Lichtwer & Nataliia Egorova

GUTEmission integrates refugees in Germany and supports displaced people from Ukraine in their arrival with an intercultural and integrative approach at their CaféUkraine events.
Read more


Alex Biloshytsk, Valeriia Biloshytska, Alexandr Zubchenko & Nataliia Sereda

One-stop-shop platform for migrants who needs to be integrated into a new society!
Read more

Tysha (OneUkraine)

Hanna Kolesnichenko & Yuliia Karnas

Tysha helps women pass through hard times by organizing psychological support groups
Read more

We Do Solar

Karolina Attspodina & Qian Qin

We Do Solar brings solar power to your balcony and makes energy production accessible for everyone.
Read more

Esper Bionics

Anna Believantseva & Dmytro Gazda

ESPER is building a robotic hand and ecosystem to upgrade the prosthetic industry
Read more

Kseniia Teslenko & Meri Khazaradze is developing a conversational AI chatbot for initial mental health support and to bridge time until professional treatments start.
Read more

In the press

Esper Bionics, is included in TIME magazine’s list of the best inventions of 2022. The self-learning prosthetic hand powered by artificial intelligence (AI) was named a groundbreaking invention in the accessibility category and will appear on the magazine’s cover.

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