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Jonas co-found­ed the dig­i­tal agency elbududler. He has been work­ing for over 13 years as CEO of var­i­ous com­pa­nies in the dig­i­tal indus­try and was involved in more than 200 dig­i­tal projects: from online stores to mobile apps. But above all, social media!
He is shar­ing this expe­ri­ence as a lec­tur­er at the Good School in Ham­burg since 2010. In more than a hun­dred work­shops, he taught top­ics rang­ing from social­me­dia strat­e­gy to blockchain tech­nol­o­gy. His pas­sion project is “Nach­haltiger Leben”, where he shows on Insta­gram (29,000 fol­low­ers) and Tik­Tok (39,000 fol­low­ers) how to live more sus­tain­ably and pro­tect the cli­mate.

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