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Two pro­gram launch­es per year

Our 6‑month pro­gram is launched every April and Octo­ber. Appli­ca­tions that we receive between Feb­ru­ary 1 and July 31 can start in Octo­ber. Appli­ca­tions received between August 1 and Jan­u­ary 31 and can start in April. If you would like to join our pro­gram at a lat­er date, you can indi­cate this in your appli­ca­tion.

Apply for our 6‑month pro­gram in less than 3 min­utes

Whats hap­pens after your appli­ca­tion?

  • if your pitch deck con­vinces us, we send you a more detailed ques­tion­naire to find out more about your team, the need, your solu­tion, your plan and the poten­tial impact.
  • we invite the star­tups we think we can help best to a video call with our team.