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World for Cli­mate

Isabel Arens

Build­ing a glob­al com­mu­ni­ty through an app. Aim is to con­nect peo­ple to take action togeth­er to achieve rapid and inclu­sive cli­mate action around the world.

Con­nect with the team

Isabel Arens

Founder at World for Cli­mate Read more

Key Facts

  • Found­ing date: Octo­ber ’21
  • Loca­tion: Karl­sruhe, Ger­many

Part of Poly Cri­sis Pro­gram #1

Sus­tain­able Devel­op­ment Goals (SDGs)


Our impact goal is to help com­mu­ni­ties achieve more, bet­ter, faster & cheap­er cli­mate action by con­nect­ing with oth­ers fac­ing sim­i­lar changes. Our out­come goal is to strength­en plan­e­tary resilience and inclu­sive adap­ta­tion.


We cre­at­ed an App for a glob­al cli­mate com­mu­ni­ty and want to ensure high qual­i­ty and a mul­ti-stake­hold­er net­work, that will be reviewed by sci­en­tists & experts from 2024 onwards. We work in con­sent with social work­ers rights, human rights, GDPR pri­va­cy, EU New Green deal reg­u­la­tions for CO2 mea­sure­ment and Green­wash­ing check.