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Rel­e­vant Ven­tures

Maike Striffler

Rel­e­vant Ven­tures pro­vides access to finance for social entre­pre­neurs in under­served mar­kets.

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Edson Niwa­manya

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Sharon Namu­jjuzi

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Maike Strif­fler

Fundrais­ing & Strat­e­gy Lead at Rel­e­vant Ven­tures Read more

Key Facts

  • Found­ing date: April ‘20
  • Loca­tion: Kam­pala, Ugan­da and Vien­na

Part of Poly Cri­sis Pro­gram #1

Sus­tain­able Devel­op­ment Goals (SDGs)


Africa has a grow­ing num­ber of entre­pre­neurs who found­ed promis­ing social enter­pris­es with high impact and growth poten­tial. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, they lack access to fund­ing to scale as they are at the periph­ery of cap­i­tal mar­kets: the peo­ple, places, and top­ics that the mar­ket neglect We invest in dynam­ic social enter­pris­es, that solve a prob­lem in their local com­mu­ni­ty while hav­ing the oppor­tu­ni­ty to scale and be prof­itable.


The Pur­pose Pool mod­el aims to close the invest­ment gap for SMEs in under­served com­mu­ni­ties. We offer busi­ness devel­op­ment sup­port and cap­i­tal allo­cat­ed through a peer-to-peer selec­tion process and paid back on a rev­enue share. We pro­vide ear­ly-stage social entre­pre­neurs with 5.000 — 50,000 USD as an invest­ment. Entre­pre­neurs pay back a 5% month­ly rev­enue share until they reach a return of a 1.5–2.5x mul­ti­ple. Rev­enue share com­bines the advan­tages of equi­ty and debt by pro­vid­ing enter­pris­es with a flex­i­ble pay­back, return patience, and a pre-defined exit. Our revolv­ing fund rein­vests all pay­backs to allo­cate to new social enter­pris­es. This approach makes the fund self-sus­tain­ing and inde­pen­dent of ongo­ing exter­nal fund­ing.