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Mathias John, Maria Pozder

We4everyone offers wind ener­gy from local wind gusts to busi­ness­es and pri­vate house­holds with a wind sail pow­er plant.

Con­nect with the team

Math­ias John

Founder and CEO at we4everyone Read more

Maria Pozder

Co-Founder and COO at we4everyone Read more

Key Facts

  • Found­ing date: Octo­ber ’21
  • Loca­tion: Berlin and Frank­furt, Ger­many

Part of Poly Cri­sis Pro­gram #1

Sus­tain­able Devel­op­ment Goals (SDGs)


Our impact will be to extend the port­fo­lio of renew­able ener­gy tech­nolo­gies. We address the sig­nif­i­cant chal­lenge of increas­ing elec­tric­i­ty costs as well as increas­ing ener­gy demands due to emerg­ing glob­al cri­sis and decom­mis­sion­ing of con­ven­tion­al pow­er plants and thus sup­port busi­ness­es and pri­vate house­holds to become more ener­gy self-suf­fi­cient.


We4everyone offers local, year-round and scal­able self-gen­er­at­ed elec­tric­i­ty from wind pow­er. We have devel­oped a wind sail pow­er plant with­out rotat­ing parts that uses a Spin­naker sail swing­ing in the wind. It no longer needs high-alti­tude winds to gen­er­ate elec­tric­i­ty but uses the pow­er of wind gusts.